Decoding the Label on Your CBD Gummies

One of the most common ways to enjoy CBD is in the form of gummy candies. They're tasty, portable, discrete, and easy to dose. But if you have never bought or used CBD gummies before, you may initially be a bit perplexed by some things on the label. Here's some information you're likely to find on your CBD gummy label.

"300 mg"

If your gummy bottle says "300 mg" or "500 mg," that's the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. It is not the amount of CBD in one gummy candy. The industry prefers to label products this way in order to help customers determine how much CBD they are buying for the price. To calculate how much CBD is in each gummy, you just need to divide the total amount of CBD in the bottle by the number of gummies in the bottle. If there are 30 gummies in a 300 mg CBD gummy bottle, then each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD. Both 10 mg and 5 mg gummies are pretty common; these are the doses you will typically see.


Sometimes new users assume "full-spectrum" means that their CBD gummies will treat a wide range of symptoms. However, this actually means that the gummies inside the bottle contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids from hemp. They do contain CBD, but they also contain CBN, CBG, terpenes, and in some cases, traces of THC that were in the hemp that the oil was extracted from. Full-spectrum products tend to have a more powerful effect than plain CBD products because these other cannabinoids interact with the CBD and enhance its effects.


You'll probably see either hemp or CBD distillate listed as an ingredient, often very prominently, on a CBD gummy label. This is just the CBD, and sometimes also the other cannabinoids from the hemp, in a pure form. They're not infused into oil or alcohol. Distillate is often used as an ingredient in gummies because the oil or alcohol in other CBD solutions would interfere with the integrity of the gummy mixture.


You should look for CBD gummies that say "lab tested" on the label, if possible. This means that the finished product has been analyzed for CBD content and confirmed to contain the amount of CBD that the label claims.

The next time you see a CBD gummy label, you'll have an easier time understanding it.

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