3 Types Of Delta 8 Gummies To Look For

Delta 8 gummies are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the relaxing benefits of THC with less pronounced psychoactive effects. As delta-8 gummies become more popular, various manufacturers have begun creating different types. Here are some types to consider trying if you see them on store shelves.

Vegan Delta 8 Gummies

Traditionally, gummies are made with gelatin, which is an animal byproduct. If you follow a vegan diet, or if you are simply trying to minimize the number of animal products in your diet, then you may want to look for vegan delta 8 gummies. Typically these are made with pectin, a thickener and gelling agent derived from fruit, rather than with gelatin. Some brands may need to be kept in the fridge, and they may not have as long of a shelf-life as non-vegan delta 8 gummies, but they can be a great option for getting your delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 and CBD Gummies

Some gummy manufacturers have begun combining Delta 8 THC with CBD to make even more relaxing gummies. If you take your gummies before bed, or when you really want to chill out, this may be a good type to try. Not only does the CBD make you more relaxed, but it interacts with the Delta 8 THC via the entourage effect to make the effects of the Delta 8 even more noticeable. When buying Delta 8 gummies with CBD added, look for a slightly lower dose than you would usually take. For example, if you usually buy 60 mg Delta 8 gummies, try looking for 50 mg Delta 8 gummies with some CBD.

Sour Delta 8 Gummies

Some people really love the flavors of classic Delta 8 gummies. But if you find the flavor a little boring or even off-putting, you should look for sour Delta 8 gummies. Typically, these are coated in a mixture of sugar and citric acid. They may also contain some citric acid in the gummy itself. The sour flavor covers up the cannabis flavor really well, making the gummies taste more like non-medicated candy. Sour gummies can be a good choice for those who are using Delta 8 gummies for the first time. Even higher-concentration gummies, like 50 mg Delta-8 gummies, taste good when they're sour!

As Delta 8 extract gummies become more popular, companies are sure to introduce even more products to the market. But for now, the gummy types above are well worth trying.

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