Tips For Choosing And Using CBD Massage Oil

CBD has taken the world by storm. While many people take it orally, it also has the unique ability to be absorbed through the skin, which means topical products like CBD massage oil are becoming popular. If you are thinking of using CBD massage oil, either on yourself or someone else, here are some tips to follow as you shop for and use the oil.

Look for a full-spectrum massage oil, if possible.

When you're standing in the aisle looking at various CBD massage oils, you'll soon realize a pattern. Some are labeled as "pure CBD massage oil" and others are labeled as "full-spectrum massage oil." Unless you have a reason to use pure CBD, the full-spectrum oils are probably a better choice. They contain cannabinoids other than CBD, such as CBN and CBG. These other cannabinoids are not as well-known as CBD, but they have all sorts of benefits, so they can make the massage oil even more helpful.

Use the oil sparingly, at first.

When you first get a certain CBD massage oil, you don't always know how potent that oil is. Using too much CBD won't cause any serious side effects, but it may make you more relaxed and tired than you wanted to feel. So, until you get an idea of how potent a certain CBD massage oil is, try not to use too much. Start with just a few drops on each body part. You may want to keep another, non-medicated massage oil handy so you can use this non-medicated oil once you feel that you've used enough CBD.

Be prepared to feel the effects, too.

If you are giving someone else a massage with CBD massage oil, your primary goal is probably to have them feel the effects of the CBD. But since you'll be applying the CBD with your hands, some of it will be absorbed through your skin, too. Be prepared for this. The CBD will make you feel relaxed and perhaps even a bit sleepy, so you'll want to give the massage at a time when you don't mind feeling this way. For instance, a good time to give a CBD massage might be right before bedtime. 

Using CBD massage oil can be a good way for both you and the person who you're massaging to relax. Look for a full-spectrum oil, use it sparingly at first, and plan on having a wonderful experience.

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