Aromatherapy With Monarda Essential Oil When You Don't Have A Diffuser

Monarda essential oil is such a versatile oil. It helps kill infectious pathogens, and its citrus-like aroma has calming, rejuvenating properties. A great way to use this essential oil is via aromatherapy. You can just place a few drops in your water-filled diffuser and enjoy the scent. But what if you don't have a diffuser? Here are some more creative ways to enjoy aromatherapy using monarda essential oil.

Make some potpourri.

You may think of potpourri as something from your grandparents' generation, but as old a tradition as it is, it is a good tradition. Potpourri is basically how people performed aromatherapy a few decades ago!

You can create your own potpourri using just monarda essential oil and some wood chips. Try to use wood that doesn't have too strong a scent, as you don't want its scent to mask the light, citrus notes of the monarda essential oil. Place a few handfuls of wood chips in a plastic bag. Add a couple of drops of monarda essential oil, and then massage the wood chips around in the bag for a few minutes to distribute the oil. Pour the potpourri into a bowl, and it should emanate fresh scents into your room for several weeks.

Create a steam bath.

Diffusers work by creating steam. You can do something similar with just a saucepan and some water. Fill the pan about halfway with water, and add a couple of drops of the monarda essential oil. Bring the mixture just to a simmer. Don't let it come to a full boil, as it will evaporate too quickly. Let the mixture simmer away on your stove to diffuse your home with the scent of monarda essential oil. This is a good thing to do when a cold or flu is going around and you want to take advantage of the oil's antimicrobial benefits.

Remember to check on the pan every now and then so you can turn it off before all the oil and water are gone. If you notice a lot of the water has evaporated but there is still some oil in the pan, you can always add more water and keep simmering.

You don't need a diffuser to enjoy monarda essential oil. Try making some wood chip potpourri, or just simmer the oil with water on the stove. You'll love the aromatherapy you get to enjoy with this versatile oil.

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