Why Teen Athletes Should See A Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic nutritionists are practitioners who give clients nutrition advice that is designed around and with their lifestyle. They tend to take a more natural approach, and they consider each person as an individual. People often see a holistic nutritionist when they're struggling with their health or when they want to lose weight. However, it's also a good idea to have teen athletes meet with one of these practitioners. Here's why.

A nutritionist will make sure their dietary needs are being met

Teenagers, in general, have pretty high nutrient requirements because their bodies are growing and changing so rapidly. Teenage athletes have even greater needs. It can be hard to meet various nutrient needs as a teen athlete, especially in a culture where junk food and unhealthy foods are so widely available. A holistic nutritionist can evaluate teens' diets and make sure their needs are being met, which will help keep them healthy and successful as athletes.

A nutritionist can help combat eating disorders

Unfortunately, eating disorders are common among teen athletes who are pressured to eat healthy foods and stay lean. While eating disorders are complex and meeting with a nutritionist won't 100% prevent them, it does help. Your teen will be given accurate, real information about foods that fuel them. This can help combat some of the diet culture mentality that becomes common at this age. Also, if the holistic nutritionist notices signs of a potential eating disorder in your teen athlete, they can refer them to the proper specialists for treatment. Eating disorders are really sneaky, and often, dietary professionals are able to notice the signs before parents or coaches.

A nutritionist can explore dietary solutions that work with their lifestyles

Teens have busy lives. Teen athletes have even busier schedules. Plus, they have the added encumbrance of having to eat at school, where they don't have total control over their diets. As such, a lot of general nutrition advice may be hard for them to follow. But holistic nutritionists really aim to meet people where they are and find solutions that work with their lifestyles. They'll give teen athletes advice they can actually, feasibly follow.

Teen athletes have really high, specific nutritional needs. Meeting with a holistic nutritionist can really help them meet these needs. Make an appointment for your teen soon, and consider setting up regular meetings to keep them on track throughout their athletic career.

Contact a holistic nutritionist in your area, like Dr. Robert J Lichtenstein, Board Certified Nutrition Specialist.

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