Using CBD Lotion As A Part Of Your Running Recovery Routine

As a runner, you probably know that recovery is just as important as training. The better you're able to recover from a workout, the more benefit you'll get from that workout. Rest and good food can help you recover as well, but if you're looking for a little extra boost, you might want to try using CBD lotion after your runs.

What is CBD lotion?

CBD lotion is simply a lotion that has been infused with CBD, or cannabidiol. This is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and cannabis plants, but it does not make you high. It can, however, penetrate your skin and have a number of benefits that are useful when recovering from a run. 

How does CBD lotion help with running recovery?

CBD, in any form, is really good at alleviating inflammation. After a run — especially a really long or hard run — you tend to develop a lot of inflammation in your muscles and joints. It can interfere with circulation, and limited circulation really slows down your rate of recovery. By applying CBD lotion after a run, you have reduced inflammation, which helps more blood reach the tissues that need to heal after a workout. 

CBD also helps alleviate pain and soreness. By making you less sore, it can make it easier for you to remain active after your workout, which can speed up recovery. You'll recover faster if you move around a little rather than just sitting on the couch!

How do you use CBD lotion after a run?

When you're finished running, stretch, clean up, and get something to eat. Then, apply CBD lotion to the joints in your legs. Really focus on your knees, since they absorb a lot of the force when you run. Then, treat your ankles and your hips. If your feet are sore, you can even rub some CBD lotion on your feet. Carry on with your day, and if you wish, you can apply the CBD a second time 6 or 8 hours later.

Make sure you use a strong CBD lotion for this purpose. A 1000mg formula is a good choice. This way, you won't have to apply too large a volume of the lotion to get the desired effect.

As a runner, treating your body well will get you far. CBD lotion can be a part of that. It alleviates pain and inflammation, which is just what you need after a run.

For more information on 1000mg cannabidiol lotion, contact a shop near you.

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