Tips For Smoking And Enjoying Orange Punch Cannabis

Orange punch cannabis is known for its potent citrus notes. It's a hybrid strain with a lot of Sativa genetics, which means it is known for making users feel uplifted and euphoric. However, in order to fully enjoy both the flavor and effects of orange punch cannabis, there are a few tips you'll want to follow when using and smoking it.

Make Sure It Is Fresh

It's always nice to smoke fresher cannabis, but with a strain like orange punch, freshness is even more important than usual. The more potent citrus notes in the cannabis tend to dissipate quite easily. Orange punch that has been stored for 6 months, for example, will taste a lot less potent than orange punch that just finished curing. So, this is a strain to buy at 1/8 at a time at each dispensary visit — not one to stock up on ahead of time.

Use a Bowl or a Bong

You really want to avoid smoking orange punch in rolling papers. The papers make the smoke harsher and can hide some of those lighter orange notes. You definitely don't want to bury this strain in a blunt! The best way to smoke orange punch cannabis is in a bowl, a bong, or some other apparatus that does not require papers. Then, you'll just be tasting the pure cannabis each time you smoke.

Smoke in the Daytime

Orange punch is probably not a strain you want to use at night. It won't make you sleepy, and in fact, may keep you from falling asleep. Orange punch is pretty energizing and uplifting, so it is a good strain to use before you do something creative. You could also smoke it before watching TV or a movie so long as your goal is to be more interested and engaged in the material.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Munchies

If your plan is to smoke and then dig into a bag of your favorite munchies, orange punch is probably not the best strain for you. This strain is not overly munchie-inspiring, and its effects tend to be diminished if you eat too much while smoking it. So, keep it light, enjoying some fruit or perhaps some popcorn with your orange punch.

With the tips above, you can fully enjoy your orange punch in all of its glory. It's a lovely, Sativa-dominant strain with potent flavor and a nice, uplifting vibe.

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