CBD Oil For Anxiety: Tips For Effective Use

Have you ever wondered why for some people, CBD seems to be a miracle cure for anxiety, while for others, it doesn't do a whole lot? Some of the variations do come down to the fact that people vary in their response to CBD. But some of it is also the way the CBD is used. If you want to use CBD as effectively as possible to manage your anxiety, here are some key tips to follow.

Try pure, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum products.

Pure CBD products contain only CBD — no other cannabinoids. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain CBD plus the other cannabinoids, but no THC. Full-spectrum products contain CBD plus all other cannabinoids found in hemp, which often includes some THC. 

When you're just starting to use CBD to treat anxiety, it is helpful to try all three different kinds of products to find what works best for you. Some patients find that the traces of THC in full-spectrum products only serve to make them more anxious. But others find that these traces of THC help calm them down more. You can't really say how effective CBD is for you until you try all three kinds of products.

Use a tincture.

When you have anxiety, you want relief immediately — not in a half hour! So, it makes sense to use forms of CBD that are quickly absorbed and activated. A tincture is the best option in these cases. It's CBD dissolved in alcohol. Instead of just swallowing it, you place a few drops of it under your tongue. It is quickly absorbed into the capillaries in this area, and then into your broader bloodstream, taking action within minutes. Carry a bottle of CBD tincture with you so that whenever your anxiety starts to act up, you can take a few drops.

Make sure your CBD is fresh.

People with anxiety tend to use quite a lot of CBD. So, you may be tempted to buy CBD products in bulk. Unfortunately, they do have a shelf life, and they tend to become less effective over time as the CBD within them dissipates. It's better to buy your CBD a month or two at a time so it is always fresh. You might pay a little more for smaller bottles, but knowing it will work its best is worth it.

Using CBD to treat anxiety can be really effective. Let the tips above be your guide as you choose CBD oil for anxiety.

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