Good CBD Topicals For Those Struggling With Insomnia

Most people who take CBD for a systemic issue, like insomnia, take it orally. However, some people do find that they respond better to CBD when it is used topically. Even when the CBD is applied to the skin, some of it is absorbed into the bloodstream and can then be active within the body. If you are someone with insomnia who reacts better to topical CBD, then you can certainly use topical products before bed. However, there are some topical products that are better suited to this use than others.

CBD Soap

CBD soap, in both liquid and bar forms, is a good choice for people with insomnia. You can take a nice, warm shower with the soap before you head off to bed. On top of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, you also get the benefits of the soothing shower. Typically, you'll use CBD soap all over your entire body, which means there's an opportunity for plenty of it to be absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. Just make sure that, once you apply the soap, you wait a few minutes before rinsing it away.

CBD Body Lotion

There are a lot of CBD moisturizers that are intended for use on the face. Using them over your whole body may actually deliver more CBD than you need. So, before buying a CBD lotion, do check that it's one meant for use on your entire body. These formulations tend to have lower concentrations of CBD, so you can apply them all over and get a reasonable dose. If you apply the CBD lotion after you get out of a warm shower, your pores will be really open, and the CBD may be better absorbed. This product is a great choice for anyone whose insomnia is at all related to having itchy, dry, uncomfortable skin.

CBD Bubble Bath

If you like the idea of using CBD to wash, but you don't want to stop using the soap you're currently using, then you can try CBD bubble bath rather than CBD soap. You can soak in the bubble bath for ten or fifteen minutes ― or for as long as you like, really. This gives the CBD plenty of time to be absorbed into your skin. Then, you can rinse off in the shower and use your favorite soap to wash.

There are plenty of CBD topicals that are relaxing and nice to use before bedtime. Give the options above a try if you struggle with insomnia.

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