At The Core Of Reconnective Healing Is You

Energy healing can take a few different forms, but the modalities all rely on two very important issues. One is the skill of the practitioner, and the other is you and your beliefs about yourself and how the world works for you. Reconnective healing uses energy as a whole to heal, rather than breaking it up into different parts like light versus touch. In order for the process to work, you need to let it work.

What Is Reconnective Healing?

This is an overarching energy healing process that pulls together the various forms of energy healing. While it's not a combination of modalities like reiki and similar processes, it aims to combine the energy used by all of these into one noninvasive energy healing technique. There's no touch involved, and all you have to do is remain still and relax as much as you can while observing how you feel.

Why Are You the Key to Healing Yourself?

Your beliefs about your health, your life, and your worth all affect how well you heal. You could think reconnective healing was total bunk, but if you have a core belief that you deserve to be healthy and happy, you could still experience healing. And, you could be very interested in reconnective healing and really support the concept, but if your inner beliefs are determined to keep you sick, you might not experience any healing, or you could heal and then develop another health issue soon after. You really have to allow the process to work and to allow yourself to realize that you can heal and you deserve health.

Would You Consider Group Healing for Supportive Effects?

A 2017 study, published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, found that group therapy using reconnective healing caused the members of the group to display similar biological reactions in response to the healing process. If you feel on the fence about trying reconnective healing or are worried that it might not work for you, you might ask about group sessions. Some practitioners won't offer those, or they'll ask you to try solo sessions first. But keep group sessions in mind.

Do remember that reconnective healing isn't the same as practical medical treatments for issues like infections. But it can help shore up your sense of inner peace and sense of health as you go through other treatments. Speak with a practitioner about questions you may have and what's involved in a session.

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