Herbs To Treat And Manage Vertigo

Vertigo can be more than an annoyance to deal with. Often caused by an imbalance in the inner ear, this condition can make you feel dizzy and off balance. Some people only feel dizzy when they stand up. Others experience dizziness when they walk or move in a certain way. Severe cases of vertigo may require treatment by a doctor, or even a physical therapist who can perform a maneuver to put the inner ear back in alignment. However, less-serious cases may respond well to home treatment with the following herbal remedies.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is an herb that's quite popular in Chinese medicine. It is said to help stimulate blood flow, which makes it really helpful for rebalancing the inner ear. Ginkgo biloba can restore full circulation to the ear and can help to alleviate inflammation, which is often the root cause or a major contributing factor to vertigo. Ginkgo biloba is therefore a good herbal remedy to try if your vertigo started after a bout of the flu or common cold. These conditions can cause inflammation that leads to vertigo; ginkgo biloba corrects that inflammation. 

You can find ginkgo biloba capsules at most health food stores and even some pharmacies. Take them according to the instructions on the package. It may be a few days before you see a significant improvement, so be patient.


Ginger, an herb you may already have in your kitchen drawer, is another good remedy for vertigo. It's a good choice for anyone whose vertigo is accompanied by a lot of nausea, cold sweating, and similar symptoms. If you think your vertigo was brought on by something mechanical, such as a carnival ride or gymnastics, then this is a good herb to take. It is thought to help reroute various neural impulses associated with vertigo.

Taking ginger capsules is, of course, an easy way to get your ginger. However, if you already have fresh ginger on hand, you can simply eat a teaspoon or so of it per day. Another option is to put a teaspoon of fresh ginger into a mug, then pour hot water over it to make ginger tea. Sweeten it with some honey, and you have a pretty tasty vertigo remedy.

The above herbs are both good choices for managing vertigo. In serious cases, you may even want to take them both. This is common in Chinese medicine, not only for the treatment of vertigo but also for ailments like nausea and headaches.

Contact a local herbal medicine supplier to learn more. 

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