Flu Season? Try Using Monarda Essential Oil

Flu season can be hard on everyone. You or your family members might become sick, and you'll also spend time and energy trying to avoid illness. In this season, it's helpful to have some good tools and substances on your side. One of those tools can be monarda essential oil. Here's a look at this essential oil and how to use it during flu season.

What is monarda essential oil?

Monarda essential oil is the oil extracted from a type of flowering bush known as monarda. There are a few different types of monarda that can be used for essential oil extraction, but the one most commonly used for this purpose is colloquially known as bee balm. Monarda essential oil has a light, citrus-like scent. It has been used for centuries for a variety of therapeutic purposes, including illness prevention.

What does monarda essential oil do for the flu?

There are two ways in which monarda essential oil may be helpful during flu season. The first is in preventing the flu. It is thought to help cleanse the air and also strengthen your immune system. As such, it can reduce the number of flu virus particles in the air, and it can also make your body more effective at fighting off any viral particles that may make their way into your respiratory tract. If you get the flu, you can still use monarda essential oil to help shorten the duration of the illness and ease your symptoms.

How can you use monarda essential oil?

The best way to use this oil depends on your specific goals. If you have sick people at home and want to keep the flu from spreading, try diffusing the oil into the air. You can put a couple of drops into a diffuser, or you can simmer some water mixed with monarda essential oil on the stove.

If you want to help keep yourself from getting ill, you can put monarda essential oil on your wrists. You'll slowly inhale its scent throughout the day, which will help keep your respiratory tract calm. If you're already sick, you can use the oil in the same way, but you may also want to apply a few drops to your chest for increased potency.

Monarda essential oil is a great choice for anyone looking to stay healthy during flu season. Visit a local health food store soon, and purchase some for yourself.

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